Child of No God

Child of no God
I didn’t know how to do it, At first.
Fingers Intertwined?
Or flat palms,
Pointing upward?
One lone​ ​set of fresh eyes Wandering.
Wondering if they are Alone…

Then shut. Eerie silence Makes my thoughts insecure Hushing each other
Out of paranoia. Panicked, Pressure builds
In my chest.
In my ears.
In my cheeks.
Two discs of cherry red heat. Radiating, disseminating.

Like a radio broadcasting
My shameful inexperience.
My ignorance of the dogmas of faith And scepticism of their deity
With whom I am unacquainted. Uncertain…

Forgive my pretences.
I am a wolf amongst sheep,
I have no shepherd.
But for what shame shall I divulge this?

In Jesus’ name they pray,


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