Cooking Therapy

The act of cooking has, for most, has been demoted to the category of monotonous daily chores like cleaning and laundry. Although not much can be said for other two on that list- cooking, like exercise, deserves a bit more recognition. Now, I do not speak for everyone here but i do speak to everyone to re-examine the way you look at you mundane tasks- they might just surprise you.

I began my relationship with cooking in my childhood years, excitedly raiding the cupboard for the sweetest array of ingredients which I could chuck together in a bowl and call it a concoction; Sprinkles condensed milk, and milo powder were almost always present. Come my early teens and venturing into the realm of hot stoves and ovens- and retreating back to toasters and microwaves. It was definitely not love at first sight. In fact, it took about 10 years and a push into the deep end before I realised how much really cooking has to offer.

Enter 19 year old me, freshly moved into my first flat. I was a lonely, cold, broke and hungry student with no choice but to cook my own dinner. A daunting task at first. I headed to Pinterest for recipes but was quickly disappointed by the constant requirement of ‘american cheese’. So I did what any inexperienced impatient person does in such a situation and decided to completely wing it. I made tuna and zucchini fritters and I am proud to say that after two trial rounds of fritter batter, they were ready to enjoy. My mum would have been proud. The feeling of cooking my own meals, with my own recipe, was one of the most wholesome, satisfying and freeing experiences that I had come across in some time. I created something, I learnt something, I fed myself, and I spent time with myself.

Since then my cooking skills have grown almost as much as I have. I have imagined recipes beyond what I was capable of and made myself capable. I burnt quiches and béchamel and accidentally perfected scrambled eggs. I try, I fail, I succeed and I learn. After 10 years of avoidance, my relationship with cooking is finally one which I enjoy (I do it almost every night). It is my happy time, my relax time, or whatever you may call it- it makes me feel good. And least we forget the ever wholesome act of cooking for the people you care about, and the love that is shared through sharing a meal.

So I don’t speak for everyone when I say that cooking can be so much more than a mundane chore but I do speak to everyone when I say: Whatever your mundane chore is, maybe you have more in common with it than you think. Maybe, if you look at it in a different light, as a new possibility, with an open mind, you might even fall in love.

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